Peter England Gift Card

Thinking of buying shirts, trousers or even casuals for your friends or family members, but not exactly sure about what their favorite colors are? Try gifting Peter England gift cards! From your loved ones to an extremely efficient subordinate, everybody will love Peter England gift cards as these can entirely eliminate the problem of carrying cash around while shopping. Peter England gift cards can also be used in all official outlets and branded attire can be purchased for any amount using these. There’s no limit to what you can buy with such a card, as you can always pay the extra amount in cash if your credit value runs out!
Validity : 12 Months from the date of issue.

    Terms & Conditions
  • 1. This card is redeemable on all merchandise at exclusive Peter England stores across India.
  • 2. This card holds no value until activated with a minimum purchase. There is no extra fee to obtain this card.
  • 3. This card can be reloaded at any Peter England store.
  • 4. This card is not redeemable for cash or credit.
  • 5. In case of a damaged card, a new card will be issued and loaded with the remaining value only after proof and authenticity is presented to any Peter England store.
  • 6. If a card is lost or stolen neither will a new card be issued nor will the money be reimbursed in any manner.
  • 7.  This Card in Non-Refundable 

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