World of Titan Gift Card

Titan watches make popular gifts during weddings and anniversaries, thanks to their striking designs and efficiency, however picking the right watch can be harder than it might seem! Gifting Titan gift cards are more thoughtful as you give the pleasure of giving the gift to the recipient , making the entire act of purchasing simpler! By providing Titan gift cards to your Mom or Dad, you can please them to no end and let’s face it – their idea of a good watch might be very different from yours, so why not give them the freedom to choose? Titan gift cards can be used in all their outlets and there’s no limit to what a person can buy through such cards. If the credit value runs out during a purchase, the remaining amount can always be paid in cash or a credit card
Validity : 6 Months from the date of issue.

    Terms & Conditions
  • 1. This is not a credit card, and it holds no value until it is activated.
  • 2. This card is redeemable for products at a WOT store.
  • 3. This card is reloadable for any amount.
  • 4. The amount loaded on the card can be part-utilized. Any balance left on the card after one transaction can be carried forward and utilized later.
  • 5. This card cannot be redeemed for cash. The cash amount loaded on this card is valid only for 180 days from date of issuing.
  • 6. If the card is lost or stolen, there will be no replacement card or any refund of the amount on the card.
  • 7.  This Card in Non-Refundable 

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